NC-WP1003 Speed Dome


4 in 1 IR high speed dome(AHD-H & Coaxial control)


Product overview

AHD products does not need RS485, does not need to set baud rate address, does not need to set the DVR, the connection video line is the direct control PTZ.
8pcs High quality array LEDs, auto-switch to long/middle/close distance focus, 80M IR distance
Full metal aluminum die-casting, all-weather environment design, high and low temperature resistant, waterproof to IP66.
Using high precision synchronous reduction motor, with high performance motor drive, control precision, stable movement, small vibration.
IR features: 3 groups of lighting control, auto-switch to long/middle/close distance focus
360° continuous rotation, no monitoring blind area.
Horizontal Rotation Speed 0.1°~100°/s, Vertical rotation speed 0.1°~100°/s.
255 presets, the positioning accuracy of 0.5 degrees.
Support: Guard position/Power up Action /Park action/3 groups Tours /Pattern/Area scanning/360° horizontal scanning.